June 17, 2011

Project: Jet Tern 70 Artemis

Jet Tern continue to pursue its planning line expansion with the presentation of the 70 Artemis project.  The new 70 is again a design of architect Guide De Groot. There is still no details for this project on Jet Tern web site, although there is a mention of up coming 55 and 68 models.  The 70 Artemis should be the 68, and joins the now renamed 48 and recently launched 46 model.  Again modern European looks are part of the Artemis line and the 70 Artemis is no exception, but Jet Tern say that construction is to be of the same high standard as Selene ocean going trawlers.  Layout has not been advised yet but I accept a four cabin plus crew lower deck, and a split area saloon.  Interesting is the very sleek hard top and upper structure design.  Power options have not been advised yet but I again imagine sub thirty knots speed as the 48 Artemis. 

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