June 7, 2011

Powerboat OGP - Malta Preview

Here we are again at the start of the 2011 season of the Powerboat Endurance championship, who after making last year without a promoter takes 2011 with Ocean Grand Prix from Malta taking care of this spectacular event.  It will be a challenge for the Maltese company, but the potential for the Endurance Series in both the Evolution and Super Sport class to become something big in the World of Motor Sport are on the cards.  The challenges for OGP are a lot, starting from the fact that the World economy still has not yet recovered fully from the 2008 and 09 recession, and continuing with restoring the believe in the championship from sponsors.
Round one of the 2011 season will start in Malta, home of Powerboat endurance races since 2004, and also to the Chaudron Powerboat, Super Sport class champion for three consecutive times from 2007 till 2009.
So far we we do not have a team list but as soon as this will be in hand we will update you with the details. Watch this spot for more.
Pole Position is scheduled for Friday at 1700 hours, Round One race on Saturday at 1600 hours, and Round Two scheduled for Sunday at the same time.

1 comment:

  1. Only 7 or 8 teams seem so far to participate at the start of the championship.
    We will see what will happen today at noon. Some big names seem to be missing:
    In Evolution cuurent World Champion Metamarine, OSG, and the Cigarette which after reading an interview with Fendi I had a hope it might race.
    In Supersport no Seagull Chaudron, Big Sergio, and Spirit of Belgium.