June 16, 2011

News: H4 Marine June 2011

H4 Marine will now be supplying products from Powertrain Europe AS to yards, engineers, builders and owners across the British isles.  Powertrain is the latest product in engine couplings and CV joints is the patented marine joint.  This innovative adaption of proven automotive technology uses a CV joint that is designed to take thrust loads, this means you can install an engine which can comfortably run at a few degrees off from the shaft line with the thrust still taken on the engine mounts. This means that engine to shaft alignment for vessels fitted with a marine joint is a thing of the past. Units are available to take up to 700hp currently.  H4 Marine will also the supply Hydradrive systems from Powertrain, this is an in house designed double CV coupling with thrust bearing. All the known benefits of isolating the drive forces from the engine movement from a Norwegian company that have been supplying and manufacturing drive train components and systems for the automotive, marine and industrial markets for over 20 years.
H4 Marine will be exhibiting at the important Seawork show the coming 14 to 16 June in Southampton.  H4 Marine will be glad to discuss its expertise in all matters related to its unique line of propulsion set ups, marine dedicated bearings, and unique rope cutting prop protection solutions.  You can find them on stand Q8 for any friendly advise.
Maritex bearings have been specified on a new submarine design that is specified for operating temperatures from zero to fifty degrees Celsius.  For those technical in the matter this is quite a challenge for shaft, rudder and dive plane bearings. Maritex has developed a new grade to suit this application with thermal expansion to mimic the steel structure the bearings are fitted in.  Maritex have also supplied a similar material for arctic to tropical use in the latest POD drives units by OYS for Baltic Yachts.

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