May 23, 2011

Projects: Menorquin E56 Hardtop, Menorquin E56 Flybridge

After presenting the project of Menorquin's E43 model, the Spanish island boat builder showcases the larger E56 project of its new enviromently friendly range which is set to launch next year 2012.  The Efficient Line from Menorquin is the answer to more green Eco boating, and if the E43 showed this, the E56 displays it even more with hybrid power also being one of the optional power choices.  Apart having new underwater shapes set to deliver better speeds with less power both the Efficient Line models will aim for superior RINA Green Star environment certification. As the E43, the E56 is available in Hardtop and Flybridge versions and is to be powered by pods.  But different to the smaller soon to launch E43 model is that it will use the aft looking dual propeller ZF instead of the Volvo IPS. Huge spaces are to be found in all areas of the E56 and the theme continues as shown outside of a modern classic style.  Impressive is the large aft deck with two settees to a two interior choice of three double cabins, and a crew. The major difference in the choice is that on the optional version the galley moves down, reserving the main saloon for lounging activities, and for this you loose a third guest head. The above picture version is the hardtop which offers more streamlined sport lines, but loosing the second helm and the additional space a fly deck gives.    
The E56 Flybridge adds a fly deck second helm in replacement to the hardtop.  I suppose the E56 Flybridge will be more popular then the Hardtop model. Being very extended and add spacious, the flybridge deck presents an extra area of relaxation featuring a helm to port side, C-shape settee with table to starboard, and a wet bar behind this.  The flybridge of the E56 on these plans seems to be about double the size to that of the current in production largest Menorquin C180.  Menorquin has decided to leave the aft fly deck area free, which can be a space to fill with chaise loungers or where to put an extra tender or PWC.  Power for the Menorquin E56 Flybridge is for engines up to twin 480hp which should give a cruise speeds of up to 15 knots.  


  1. I like the Flybridge... but are you sure about "twin 480hp which should give a maximum speed of up to 15 knots"?

    I'm not suprised by the speed (considering it is Menorquin) but twin 480hp is a lot to reach only 15 knots.

  2. Hello Fred,
    just check with the Menorquin people and 15 knots will be max cruise with a max speed of about 20 knots predicted.
    Not bad considering the E56 to weight about 25 tons what is similar to a mainstream flbridge boat of the same size. A Fline 58 Squadron weighs more or less the same with a twin by 800 up to 900hp engines. Ok she will do above 30 knots, and 25 knots cruise with a range of about 300 nm.
    The E56 should have a range of about 1000 nm at about 10 knots.
    Thank you for the drift, I modified the article now to 15 knots max cruise.