October 13, 2010

Projects: Arturo Stabile 43 Stama, Arturo Stabile 33HT Stama

The Italian, from the Island of Sicily Arturo Stabile builder presents two important projects set to complete its Sport Cruiser range. Pictured above is the totally new 43 Stama. At thirteen metres this project sits between the 50 Stama launched in early 2009, and the today long standing 37 HT Stama. Design for the 43 Stama project has been entrusted again just like the 50 flagship to Tommaso Spadolini with help coming from the family with Maurizio Stabile. The two designers presented a hard top sport cruiser with low height super structure. So far few details are given about accommodation plan but a three double cabins with a total six berths are to be found with owners room to mid ship. The hard top will be with a patio door which with the assumption that two large cabins are located below should provide a living area; galley and saloon with dining facilities on the main deck . Power and propulsion choices have also not been announced but a range of options from a total of 600 to 900hp is to be featured. The second project from Arturo Stabile is the 33HT Stama, which builds on the features of the standard open top 33 Stama sport cruiser and adds a hard top. So you get the two double cabins below, convertible dinette, and the galley. The cockpit which is a split level area with three L-shaped settee gets novelty thanks to the cover of full weather protection offered by the hard top. The hard top covers half of the aft deck which means the raised area is now protected from rain or too much sun. Unusual for a builder Arturo Stabile is also offering to retro fit the hard top to previous produced, standard 33 Stama open models. Power is for four choices all with stern drive propulsion. The smallest is a twin 200hp diesel choice, going up to a 310hp petrol gas. www.cantieristabile.it

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