February 14, 2010

33rd Americas Cup - USA BMW Oracle Takes Sports Oldest Trophy

It was again a day of long wait, but the day looked good from the start for the second race of the 33rd Americas Cup. Nonetheless we had to wait close till the time limit to start a race, which is at 1630. At 1614 the postponement flag went down, and the race start time was on for 1626.
The start duel was not exciting as for race one. But still we saw a very surprising error from the Defending Swiss Team who entered the box late and at the wrong side. Again Alinghi5 left the judges with no choice receiving a penalty. After this we saw both boats staying to there respective sides BMWOracle to port side, and Alinghi to starboard. The error in the box entering might have mixed up the Defender which started with a deficit of 24 seconds.
Surprisingly both boats choose a separate direction with the USAOracle going to starboard, and Alinghi to port of the circuits. This early separation reach a distance of three kilometres. Having a five hundred metres advantage and three minutes into the race BMWOracle decides to tack and cover. But Alinghi was on the right side of the course for position and wind. Having better air Alinghi5 catamaran saw its disadvantage decrease and surprisingly go ahead for most part of the first run. Here BMWOracle suffered at times seven hundred metres of deficit to the defender. The lead from the Defender continued until the boats came close to the first turn mark, and here BMWOracle tactician made a perfect call to gybe exactly on the lay line, cross behind Alinghi5, and take the lead seconds later. BMWOracle rounds the first mark by 28 seconds ahead of the very close first run.
From now on we see the Challenger boat extend its lead going over to two thousand metres in some parts, and 2 minutes 44 seconds of advantage by the second mark. The last run saw a cover from the Challenger BMWOracle and crossing the finishing line with a 5 minutes 26 second lead. Of note is the red protest flag which appeared in the Defender boat towards the end of the first leg. The Defender canceled its protest after the end of the race.
BMWOracle is the winner of the 33rd Americas Cup, and this should also bring an end to the legal dispute. This is at least what was verbally promised by the Swiss Defending team. Today started also the rumours for the Challenger of Record for the next 34th Edition with an Italian prominent sport paper saying the Italian Mascalzone Latino is favorite for this title. Now its just to hope that this legally intense 33rd Americas Cup is over once and for all.

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