April 23, 2009

Projects: BlueGame 77, BlueGame 57

BlueGame is an interesting Italian company founded in 2002, with an innovative way of proposing big Sport Fishers, with a center console feel outside and a yacht comfort inside. After launching its first 47 model BlueGame shows its next aims by proposing two bigger important projects for the future of which one already in important development phase. Pictured above is the BlueGame 77 and as the 47 it is penciled by the hands of renowned hull designer Louis T. Codega a guarantee name in Sport fishing boats but also the man behind the Destriero winner of the Ales Blue Ribbon trophy for the fastest transatlantic crossing in the nineties. The other project from BlueGame is the 57, and is already in development production phase extending its current line to two models and by 10 feet from its 47 model. The 57 will maintain hull lines by designer Louis T. Codega, and as the 47 will feature a center console influenced exterior with a yacht interior. As all BlueGame great customization is available from the hard top design, hull color, carbon fibre details up to the interior layout plan. For the interior BlueGame is offering two layouts: Dinette layout with two cabins four berths plus crew, and a Cruise Layout having three cabins six berths with aft crew cabin. In the exterior there is three available styles: Hard Top Version, Tender Version, and Marlin Version with tower. Power is from twin Man 1100hp each, with the Italian builder estimating 40 knots top speed, cruise at 36 knots, and a range up to 465 nautical miles thanks also to high volume 4000 litres fuel tank. Rated to a CE A category the new 57 BlueGame shows also attention to a well constructed hull for offshore use with the peace of mind of a solid glassed bottom, and vacuum bagged cored sides, decks and bulkhead.

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