April 16, 2009

Improve-it = Galeon 390 HT

Galeon improves the 390 HT just as it did on the 530 HT with a Wenge Line new interior style. Wenge is an exotic tropical hard wood from Africa, dark brown almost black with tan lines. The Wenge furniture on the Galeon is veneer meaning a sheet of natural wood adhered to natural density fibreboard. Along the renowned and much famous dark natural wood, the 390 Hard Top has also been improved with new quality elements like stainless steel, huge glass sliding doors and white leather upholstery. To accentuate also the dark tonality of the woods the walls are plastered with a silver fabric lit with LED lights. This new distinctive look is a modern departure to other more classical styles like cherry wood or mahogany interiors, and should distinct the client who prefers the latest style in the interior of his Sport Yacht.

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