April 8, 2009

Improve-it = Doma 5

Astilleros de Alicante has introduced new styling improvements for the Doma 5 during the fall of 2008 and presented for the first time at the Barcelona Boat Show. The Doma 5, which waiting for the new 7 is the current flagship of the Alicante boat builder range, gets 6 total improved areas: two concerning the outside, and three for the interior with important redesign elements adding space, and a more convivial area. Builder Alicante tells us that the main difference here versus the previous Doma 5 are the following. Concerning the exterior it gets a new deck with a walk around configuration, and lateral side decks are now wider deeper giving more safety to the persons moving forward. Inside the Spanish builder advices off a a ten per cent increase in space thanks to better spaces distribution, redesign of saloon galley area making all this area more functional, wider access to the cabins in the lower deck, and last an engine room re-design.

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