April 7, 2009

Engine: Cat C32 Acert 1925hp

Cat C-series, electronically-controlled, high-speed marine engines are recognised for their sustainable performance, combining high power, low emissions and state-of-the-art fuel consumption. At this year’s Miami International Boat Show, Caterpillar presented another high-performance rating for its C32 ACERT model used in pleasure craft applications. Produced to highest standards the Cat C32 ACERT is a vee-type, 12-cylinder, 4-stroke marine engine with 145 mm bore and 162 mm stroke displacing total 32.1 litres. With its new EPA Tier 2-compliant E-rating, this engine provides 1417 kW - 1925hp at 2,300 rpm. The new C32 ACERT rating with 1925hp is specifically designed for pleasure craft applications, has 15 percent more power than the former C32 version without ACERT technology. Introducing a smaller and more robust engine block, the C32 ACERT engine is designed to be particularly durable, reliable and fuel-efficient. It offers the latest Mechanically actuated Electronically controlled Unit Injection (MEUI) fuel system, Caterpillar’s latest ADEM A4 Electronic Control Unit ECU and responsive twin turbo-charging and after-cooling. In addition, maintenance and robustness have been improved for the C32 ACERT engines. All standard maintenance items are mounted on the service side for easy access. The gear-driven water pump is self-priming. A titanium plate heat exchanger with integrated fuel cooler offers extended durability. ADEM software, which precisely determines fuel delivery, air management and all other engine functions, has been modified for the increased power rating and EPA Tier 2-compliant emission levels. Multiple fuel injection inserts fuel into the combustion chamber in a series of accurately timed “micro bursts”. These features combine to provide lower specific fuel consumption, particularly at part load, and also reduce smoke and emissions while delivering reliable maximum power output. Improved performance from advanced Cat C-series engines not only means more power overall, but also better acceleration, more reserve and rated power available at a wider speed range. Needless to say for an engine with ACERT technology, the C32 ACERT operates virtually smoke free under steady-state operation as well as under acceleration.

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