March 15, 2009

Improve-it = Pershing 115

The recently launched Pershing 115 features a significant innovation which makes her stand out from other similar sized yachts as well as previous 115 builds. She has, in fact, been strengthened by a new generation Vericor TF50 gas turbine, able to create a power of over 5100hp, with a central hydro-jet thrust. The result is an improvement in both performance, with an equal overall weight, and resistance to significant stress. This technology, typical to aircraft, is rarely used on yachts due to its complexity and the cost of the individual components. In fact, its use requires special accessories, mechanical parts, and technologies incorporated in the entire system such as the titanium exhaust, and the reduction unit. Another huge advantage of this structure is that the yacht is quieter with no vibrations, even at a top speed of 52 knots! A host of other different features characterise the new yacht, making her unique. A very special wood - frise sycamore maple has been used for all the furniture, which includes an innovative LED lighting system integrated and concealed within and throughout the interior. The interior of the yacht is illuminated using warm led lighting in order to make the various environments more inviting and reducing the tiresome overheating produced by traditional halogen spotlights.

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