March 25, 2022

Improve-it = Cheoy Lee CLB88

Cheoy Lee presents an improved CLB88, the 27 meter super yacht flagship of the B seriies and designed by world-renowned Milan-based Jozeph Forakis. The CLB88 has already won a Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. What’s more, it was also a finalist for Boat International’s Design and Innovation Awards in 2021. A deeper colour scheme characterises the first interior package. The palette, which features teak and walnut, gives the interior a real sense of gravitas and masculinity. However, Cheoy Lee realised that some may prefer a lighter touch and Forakis envisioned a second palette made up of soft greys and fair oaks. Such a palette plays well with the natural light welcomed on board through CLB88’s expansive windows. The overall effect is an inviting, bright and modern feeling, like the faint recall of a summer beach holiday. Forakis is also excited about other new developments on the super yacht. Think integrated carpeting in the after section of the salon and an abundant use of Corian. Fenix, a new matte laminate that utilises high tech nanotechnology, will also feature.

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