September 4, 2020

Sport Cruiser on the Rocks in Malta

In the morning of fourth September 2020, at Bahar ic-Caghaq located in the North West coast of Malta found itself in the same position it did in 20th June.  Following over night and morning North East strong winds a sport cruiser of about eight meters in length broke its swing mooring and finished on the rocks. This part of the island is open to the Easterly winds which do become more common and strong in September and the Autumn period on the island.  Other smaller boats where involved in similar incidents around the Northern part of the Maltese island, while a Bavaria sailing yacht of about twelve meters in length also finish grounded in sand at Mellieha bay.
The boat in this accident is a Seawings 277 sport cruiser produced in England by Hardy.  Seawings was the sport cruiser planning hull range of Hardy, more famous for its semi displacement medium size pilot cabin boats, and the 277 produced in around the mid nineties although offering a typical British line of the mid nineties was interesting for offering a three part hard-top in just over eight meters of size.  The Seawings 277 offered a two plus two accommodation below deck, with a comfortable cockpit deck offering a C-shaped dinette and opposite wet-bar.  The Seawings 277 was powered by a single diesel or twin petrol gas engines with stern drive propulsion.  

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