October 29, 2023

Cayman Yachts New Web Site

Cayman Yachts presents its new World wide web virtual showroom.  Founded in 1990 by Luigi Prosperi, at the time a Mochi manager and then chairman in 1991, Cayman Yachts starts with a 30 foot model, delivered in seventy examples in ten years of production.  In the beginning and up till 1995 the Cayman models are produced at Mochi Craft, although the brand has always remained a separate entity.  In 1996 Cayman opens its production facility in La Spezia, the Cantieri Navali del Tirreno and launching the 38 Walk Around model designed by Nuvolari Lenard which was the start of good things to come. Nuvolari Lenard will design all the Cayman models till the 50 Fly launched in 2007, with two other models coming in between the entrance of Carlo Trezzi which debuts with the design of the 75 HT in 2008. In 2011 following the Great 2009 Recession Cayman goes under bankruptcy protection, closing its doors in 2012.  In 2016 Cayman is bought by Flag Marine, restarting production in 2017 with the new S450, which is followed a year later by the F920, Cayman largest build to date.  During nearly its first two decades Cayman design philosophy was that of a sport cruiser and yacht with sportfish design solutions for an all free space aft deck, with practical and safe deep walk around side decks as added on the 38 WA which launched in 1996.  Cayman Yachts will use this design up until the 54 WA HT it launched in 2008.  Following this model and the launch of the 75 HT project Cayman starts following a sportier design language.  Cayman currently offers eleven models divided into four ranges; Sport, Flybridge, Navetta, and Walk Around. Cayman range starts from the 2017 presented S450, and goes up to the 2018 launched F920 flagship, while its new 2023 models are the S600 and 540WA, with the N580 still being a project.  Cayman Yachts new website takes you around with the following buttons; Home. About, Fleet, Pre Owned, News and Events, Dealer, and Contacts.  Cayman Yachts is also on social media with bottom button links taking you to its; Facebook Twitter, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin pages. 
Production History:
30 Fly 1991-2003 (70) includes 30 Sport
30 WA 1995-2002 (70) includes 30 Fly
38 WA 1996-98 (50) includes 40 WA  Nuvolari Lenard design
40 WA 1999-04 (50) includes 38 WA
42 Fly 1999-12 (100+-)
43 WA  HT 2000-11 (100+-)
55 WA 2000-02
38 Fly 2001-11 *36 Fly project
38 WA HT 2001-11 *36 WA project
58 WA HT 2003-08
48 WA HT 2003-07
52 WA HT 2004-07
62 Fly/Bridge 2004/10-12
54 WA HT 2008
50 Fly 2007-12
75 HT 2008- (5  Carlo Trezzi design
50 WA HT 2009-11
62 HT/S640 2009/18-  *60HT project
70 Fly 2009-12
57 HT 2012 *55 HT project
S450 2017-  Flag Marine ownership
F920 2018- (1  Ferragni design
F520 2019-
S520 2020-
400WA 2021-
F580 2022-
S600 2023-  *S580 project
540WA 2023- 

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