March 11, 2019

Project: Azimut Atlantis 45

Azimut present the Atlantis 45 project, a successor to the successful Atlantis 43, a model of enormous success with a proven sales record that surpassed every expectation, selling over 140 units in four years. The new Atlantis 45 will differ from the 43 firstly for the user-friendly Volvo IPS pod propulsion system.  The Neo Design team who has designed all Atlantis models since 2011 for this 45 carries the stylistic accents introduced by its two meter bigger sister, the 2017 introduced Atlantis 51.  The stem of the 45 just as the 51 verticals towards the deck in order to maintain a slight forward momentum, bringing the energetic dynamism expected from a sports cruiser. The hull windows run from stern to bow along the yacht’s hull in a distinctive blade shape, highlighting again the lean lines and the sporty soul of the sport cruiser. The Azimut Atlantis 45 will feature two cabins: an owner’s cabin, and another at amidship, with two beds which can be combined to create a double berth, and to which even a third can be added. The cabins within the yacht are both ample and welcoming, thanks to a beam of over four meters meters. At the stern, a garage can hold a tender of up to 2.5 meters in length.  

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