March 7, 2018

Project: Riva 66 Ribelle

During the Miami boat show of February 2018, Riva presented the project for an upcoming 66 Ribelle sport yacht model.  The 66 Ribelle is a new project in the Riva fleet and will be making its debut in 2018, what is a replacement for the 68 Ego and its long ten years plus of commercial success. The Riva 66 Ribelle is a product of collaboration between Officina Italiana Design, Riva's designer since 1991 and the Ferretti Group Strategic Product Committee and Engineering Departments.  The Riva 66 Ribelle is to be build at the storied Sarnico shipyard.  Riva is saying this novelty will join the brand’s distinctive features in a boat whose very name, Ribelle translates to Rebel and demonstrating in this a desire to break the mold.

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