December 7, 2017

Project: Midnight Express 60 Pied-A-Mer

Midnight Express present its most important project model to date, that for the 60 Pied-A-Mer, what the USA boat builder calls the center console game changer. This 60 Pied-A-Mer will increase Midnight Express size offer by seventeen feet from its current largest 43 Open model, and also be the first inboard offered boat of the Miami located boat builder.  With a four and a half meter beam, the 60 Pied-A-Mer will be available with inboard or outboard power options, and a massive cockpit for the ultimate weekend boat. The interior will offer twin master cabins this available to customize with owner finishes and layout. The 60 Pied-A-Mer can be customized with a range of performance and luxury options.  Standard power is for quadruple Seven Marine 627hp outboard giving performance over sixty knots, with a twin diesel with surface drive option available this delivering top speeds over eighty knots with the larger set up.  Flexibility will also exist in fuel capacity with the standard being for a capacity of 2649 liters and optional of 3785 liters being available.

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