March 1, 2017

blogger - The World is a Country

It is interesting times for associations and unions representing boat builders and nautical industries, and after seeing the fracture inside the Italian UCINA, and the birth of a new second representation Nautica Italiana in 2015 there seems to be happening something similar in France.
As it happened in Italy for the Genoa boat show the French problem seems to be regarding a boat show, to be exact the Cannes edition held in mid September.  The Cannes Festival is organized by a private company, and now the French boating association wants to take hold of it.  
Apparently at the moment there is talks and while the 2017 edition will still be organized by Reed Expositions, the one after it, the 2018 edition will be done by the French Federation Des Industries Nautiques.  
As of now we are still over a year away but it will be interesting to see if the French association which organizes the other large Paris boat show held in December, will change the Cannes show to one accommodating more the French operation.  There was an International image at Cannes that not many boat shows in reality could equal due to the fact that it was organized by a private enterprise which had only one interest, to make a better business for itself and those who pay to participate. 

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