February 1, 2017

blogger - Year of Difference

What a difference can a year make for a brand and a important name?  By the look of things happening at Fairline a lot.  Since coming into new ownership and management a year ago Fairline is reestablishing itself slowly as an important name in production boat building.
But lets review a bit the recent story of Fairline.  This British boat builder has been slowly going in decline, for I would say more or less a decade.  Without going into much personal opinion about this, I would say the Fairline management in this term had let itself escape a big chunk of the market, with the main reason being of not sufficient investments for new models being done.  Most important Fairline was lacking renewal in its bread and butter sizes of between twelve to twenty meters, with its model offer in this size not being enough for clients.   
Interesting the new Fairline management team seems to have started head on to tackle this model issue with new models in these sizes coming in at interval of two for every year.  Result of this is that things are paying off and Fairline is meeting both its production and sales targets, with the project of a new Targa 43 Open selling ten units on plan during its presentation at the London boat show 2017.      

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