April 1, 2016

blogger - Nine Years

Last month PowerYachtBlog celebrated its nine years in operation.  Looking back all this period was a long road and a challenging one for the nautical industries.  With new challenges, from record oil prices to one of the greatest global recession since the big depression of the 1930's. Going forward it seems the only way is up. 
When starting in 2007 the pleasure nautical sector had the best two years ever seen since it became an industry, and following that one of the most depressive from 2011 till 2014.  It is interesting times ahead and the challenges for boat builders and designers have not stopped. In reality they will never stop.  
Owners want more but the market which characterized the best growth in the best years, the size from fifteen to twenty meters is still in a numb recovery mode.  Super yachts are up and smaller sizes are always on a swing.

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