June 15, 2015

Project: Azimut 66 Magellano

In 2008, Azimut invented a new way of cruising with Magellano, the first "modern trawler". This extraordinary navigator features Dual Mode hulls, large interiors for extended stays, and a chic and timeless style that is yet again setting the trends in the nautical world. Magellano 66 completes the range, alongside the 43HT, 43 Fly, 53 and 76 models.  The first model will be available starting in the summer of 2015, but the design of the 66 Magellano started long ago. It is built on the same foundation that makes all Magellano collection yachts so special: the “Dual Mode” hull. The goal is to offer a versatile explorer yacht that provides a comfortable ride even in moderate to rough seas. Accomplishing this required developing keels that were profoundly different from those found on planing hulls. Magellano hulls soften the impact of waves, cutting through them with the vertical bow. At the same time, the significant forward volume minimizes pitch and provides constant buoyancy support, even when the boat is descending the trough of a wave. As a result, the water has a hard time reaching the main deck, providing a sense of security both to those piloting the vessel and their guests. The Magellano is a design that allows you to eat up the miles; the pleasure of cruising in its purest form, under the banner of Italian Design elegance.  The Magellano 66 takes this philosophy even further with surprisingly spacious interiors for its twenty meters length. The main deck is all on one level; it has a large sliding door facing out over the cockpit all the way to the bow where the pilot station and galley are located. The main deck features elegance, functionality and a breath-taking view of the horizon. Highlights include a large L-shaped sofa facing an impressive bar cabinet, up to 50’’ TV cabinet, and a dining table oriented across beam. All this comes with the standard version of the Magellano 66.  There is also a Navetta version. Positioning the internal stair amidship means the saloon/dining area can be separated from the piloting and forward galley area, for unprecedented privacy surpassing that of even bigger boats. The crew can carry out their jobs without having to access any of the boat owner and guest spaces. The door to the side walkway is from the galley, allowing the crew to reach their own cabin without crossing the saloon. At the same time, the boat owner and guests can access the saloon from their accommodations, without having to cross the galley and piloting station. The Navetta version also enjoys an expansive view out over the water, with sliding doors and panels that also facilitate mooring.  On the outside your eye is drawn to the integrated terrace to the extreme aft of the flybridge, a design detail that puts the Magellano 66 in the big leagues. The culmination of a spectacular open deck, the terrace can be outfitted for the perfect relaxation environment, complete with comfortable cushions, scenic lighting, and an awning to shade the living area. Just like the Magellano 53, at the bow of the 66 there is an additional lounge area, here even more welcoming and private.  The storage space for all on-board and free-time equipment is unparalleled. There are enormous storage spaces in the bow and on the flybridge.  On the lower deck, there is a large owner suite at full beam. Here, the spacious quarters are bathed in natural light for an elegant but also practical space with ample stowage. The owner has all the space they've always wanted with his and her spacious closet, chest of drawers, vanity, and an additional huge storage area under the bed.  The closets in the VIP and guest cabins receive the same attention. Both cabins offer something extra because, as everyone says, there is never enough space on board. The fourth cabin is designed as a utility room but, upon request, can be outfitted as a cabin with bunk beds. The washer and dryer are conveniently located along the corridor. With two Volvo 800hp diesel engines, Magellano's performance is perfectly in line with the philosophy of a modern Long Range yacht. Travelling at 9 knots in full displacement mode, it has a range of over nine hundred nautical miles, this including reserve. The double chine Dual Mode hull provides a purposeful shape that optimizes cruising both in displacement and planing modes, for a cruising speed of 16 to 18 knots and a maximum speed of 22.

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