May 1, 2015

blogger - Americas Cup 2017

It seems ages ago that the Americas Cup was a fun sport to watch, where it mattered most on the water.  Go to the period between 1991 and 2007 and you basically have a golden age for Sports oldest trophy, when rules around the mono-hull around eighty feet AC series made sense and it was for the most part about the competitiveness.  The Kiwis in there title defense from 1995 till 2003 also enhanced the Cup popularity.
Since 2008 the Americas Cup has had a big slow down, and now the intrigue goes even further. It has in recent years to say the least been a show down of political and law fighting. First we had Alinghi who in it's second defense showdown over messed with the rules and ended up in the clutches of Oracle, and now its the time of the defender from the West Coast who in the middle of the defense of its second campaign decides to change the boat size rules, reason of this being cost cutting. 
Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa are not happy for these changes now going to a smaller boat then the AC62, with the later announcing a withdrawal from the cup. In hindsight you cannot blame the Kiwis and the Italians as apparently there development phase was in quite an advanced stage. Both these teams have been an important part of the cup history since the nineties, so it will be interesting how the story will develop. Two years are left for the final showdown, at this stage lets wait and see if Luna Rossa will make a turn around. 

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