March 6, 2015

Project: Raffaelli 42 Typhoon Sportage

For this new project Raffaelli return to one of the names, Typhoon what was an important marker in its rich model history.  The 42 Typhoon Sportage is the next model to come from the South Adriatic Pesaro based boat builder and this is to be a three cabin motor cruiser with a hidden sport bridge on top, offering lounging and sunbathing accommodation. Interesting 42 Typhoon Sportage against Raffaelli models history will be a super structure heavy sport cruiser, reminiscent of builders ccoming from North America in the eighties and nineties.  The heavy super structure though does have its premium though and will offer a super spacious main split level main deck with a layout offering an astern galley, C-shape dinette, C-shape lounge, and a single seat helm-station to port side.  Power will be twin 350hp engines.

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