January 1, 2012

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It would have been nice to start 2012 in a more happy tone then this, but it seems to be the latest order in Europe.  Governments are going full on taxing one of the most employing industries today, that is the yachting sector.  The latest to attack its own home industry is the Italian government, who pulled into the Euro crisis, decided to introduce a boat stationing tax.  A return to the past of the old stationing tax the country had in the nineties but was only for Italian residents.  That means this one is worst because it also taxes the tourist, and the Italian.  Telling to the tourist yachtsman to avoid its coast.
Italy has the second boating industry World wide following the US, and first in the super yacht sector over 24 meters.  The Italian yachting industry gave much to the Italian government and in the period 2007 it gave over six billion Euros. In 2011 in full recession mode it will still give over three billion Euros to the Italian cash.  That is excluding the indirect income from tourism which boating and yachting bring in the harbours. The Italian boating companies of builders and suppliers employ today over 150,000 direct persons.
In Italy the yachtsman has already some other not ordinary bills; the country has in fact the most expensive marinas in the World, and keeping a medium size yacht about twelve meters is usually a double to most other neighboring countries.  Fuel cost in Italy is also among the most expensive in the globe, where a surcharge of ten to twenty per cent is usual found in most marinas to the standard road fee.  It's a pity considering that the peninsula country is eighty per cent surrounded by a coast line some of which being very admired in the World. Think of; Capri, Portofino, and the Eolian Island to name just a few places.     
Some glimmer of light for the Italians and those like me who visit the coast is still left, with some Council Regions; Sardegna, Liguria, and Tuscany talking to the government and the negative affects the tax will bring to there coast line.  From here we hope for the better about this!  Boats in general bring growth in all the coast lines, and where a yacht marina is present the only incentive actually wanted is that to be left in its business to work. 

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