September 18, 2020

Out-News = Hurricane Sally

Hurricane Sally is the seventh hurricane of 2020, and the eighteenth named storm.  Sally formed as a Tropical storm on the Bahamas on September 10, and on September 14 it was classified as a Category One hurricane and in the evening reached Category Two, only to be declassified back to C1 a few hours later.  On September 16 and upon reaching Alabama state Sally surprisingly reached again Category Two.  Sally destructive power was centred between the areas of Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida. With Orange County just in the middle of this area being one of the worst hit, damaging hundred of all types of boats and yachts.  Hurricane Sally killed two persons with one missing, and the damages caused are estimated to be of at least five billion US$.  Sally is the first hurricane to have arrived in Alabama, since Ivan in 2004.  Sally landing coincided exactly sixteen years later on the same day.  Hurricane Sally ended on 18 September.

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