May 29, 2019

Project: Interyachts Monte Carlo 27 Classic

So here is a return of a classic, the Offshore Monte Carlo which in the mid seventies till the eighties had created a big fan base nearly as much to that of the Riva Aquarama.  This is not the first time the Offshorer Monte Carlo resurfaces, Sarnico did some versions in the early 2000s, and there is also the Montecarlo Offshore build in Torino Italy which build it in carbon fiber and rigorously on order. In this new Interyachts Monte Carlo we see the original founders of the brand Gianfranco Rossi, formerly World Champion of Offshore and builder with Renato Della Valle of the famous Monte-Carlo Offshorer, and Lucio Calegari, formerly of Sarnico Group teaming up for this project, which will feature two models with two variants each.  The new Monte-Carlo The Original, boats of 27 and 30 feet, will be born from the mythical step hull designed in America by Bob Hopps in the late 1970s, with the necessary evolution in design, and improvement in latest studies of hydrodynamics, which keep and improve the original character of superb sea-keeping.  The Interyachts Monte Carlo will be two models of 27 and 30 offered in two versions; bow rider with outboard engine and Classic with stern-drive inboard engine engine set up.  The new Monte Carlo will be built by Interyachts Monaco Shipyard with the usual attention to detail typical of those who have lived in the world of competitions for many years and, thanks to the different versions, will be able to satisfy a wide audience.  So far we have rendering of the 27 Classic, which will have a dry weight of less about two tons.  No performance details are given but the numbers should be in around the fifty knots of top end which is what the original Offshore Monte Carlo used to offer.

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