May 23, 2019

Project: Steeler FD55 S Performance Flyday

Steeler reinvent design with this very interesting FD55 S Performance Flyday project.  This is a sport yacht which re-imagines the sport bridge, raising it up to offer better visibility and also add more space inside.  It is not something entirely new, we have seen it done in the eighties by the likes of Draco and Fjord from Scandinavia, Mochi and Sanlornezo in Italy, and lastly the Carver models.  But in the Steeler the lines take a pure sport yacht look from outside and only when looking astern you can notice the Flyday deck.  The Steeler FD55 S Flyday is also flexible in terms of layout offering three lower deck choices, from an owners single cabin version to two or three cabins versions.  The Steeler FD55 S Performance Flyday will be powered by twin Volvo 700hp with IPS pod drives matched to a dedicated performing hull.  

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