April 12, 2019

Project: Mondomarine Discovery 57m

Mondomarine is back!  Acquired by the always growing Palumbo Group who also owns ISA Yachts, and created his Columbus brand back in around 2010.  As was the case with ISA Yachts, Palumbo is not someone who wastes time and with Mondomarine a project was immediately born, and here we have the Discovery 57m.  A 57 meter triple deck super yacht designed by Luca Dini, the Discovery will be a series of four models which spans from forty to 75 meters in length.  The Discovery 57m will feature some key features, from two flush deck pools, one at the main deck and another on the fly deck, to the choice of a master cabin taking the whole fore-deck for it or for this to divide space with another VIP suite.

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