July 8, 2018

Web: Viking New Web Site

Viking yachts from New Jersey East coast Atlantic side of the US, renowned for its high quality sportfish yachts and cruisers updates its website to a totally new design. While making more a name for itself in the past two decades Viking yachts history started back in 1964 when Bob and Bill Healey bought struggling New Jersey boat builder Petterson-Viking, who at the time was building a 37 foot wooden Sportfish cruiser. Seven years pass and the Healey brothers show the way forward by presenting the 33 Convertible, Viking's first fiberglass construction. A year later to this passes and it is 1972 when Viking presents the 40 Convertible which in a sixteen year production run with over six hundred units delivered sets the record as the company best seller. Viking makes a constant growth in the years following this till the dull recession period hitting the US economy in 1990 and with it coming the famous 10% luxury tax. This time frame which lasted till 1993 saw many builders close the doors and Viking reducing its workforce from 1500 to 80. On facts the only reason Viking did not close up was thanks to the resolute of the Healey brothers who risked there own capital to keep going on, and where also among the key players for the removal of this taxation. While this storm was a difficult moment for the yachting industry, after it Viking gained the upper hand and became a leader in the semi production Sportfish boat segment. The signs of the growth experienced after the luxury tax three year period could be seen in the presentation of newer bigger models, plant expansion modernization in 2000, and the opening of a service facility in Riviera Beach Florida on 2002. Today Viking has the capacity to build one hundred cruisers and yachts a year, in a twenty seven model line up which start with the 37 Billfish to the 2018 introduced 93 Motor Yacht flagship. Viking currently offers four ranges: Open Bridge, Billfish, Motor Yachts, Sport Yacht, Open, and Enclosed Bridge and its latest model is the 68 Convertible. Viking new website takes you around with the following buttons: Models, Locate a Dealer, About Viking, and Viking Events. Viking is also on social media with buttons on the right side of the page taking you to its Vimeo, Instagram, FaceBook and Tweeter pages. 

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