July 1, 2018

blogger - Return of the Aft Cabin

Its good to see a couple boat builders and designers rediscovering the aft cabin layout and how it can work in today's boating World.  The need to have a large full beam midships owners cabin, and moving of the engines always further backwards has practically made it the aft cabin a thing of history in the last decade plus.  Not for all it seems, with a couple designers and builders having a different idea for the aft cabin.
First it was Wim Van Der Valk and designer Cor D.Rover who in 2016 presented the BeachClub concept which later it became a range and today features three models.  The Dutch builder and designer created an innovative way of using the aft area by putting the living dining area aft, which as the range name says, with the opening of the aft bulkhead this becomes a beach club once you are at anchor.  Result was that the custom to order build sold immediately with a sale for a 600 and 660 Flybridge coming in only a few months after project presentation.
Second it was Maritimo and the new X60 recently launched at the Sanctuary Cove 2018 boat show.  If someone is pushing new boundaries about what an aft cabin should be and how to make customers interested about it is the new 2018 Maritimo X60.  The X60 not only brings an aft cabin but also delivers on versatility and choice to the buyer.  The X60 also impresses for being a sport yacht of just nineteen meters to offer four double cabins, if a customer chooses the aft cabin to be the master suite.  Yes if you choose because in the Maritimo X60 you have three choices for the aft area; a large full beam owners suite, or a beach club, or the today standard of a tender garage.  

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