March 6, 2018

INBUILD ~ Casa 38 T-Top Part 1 of 5

In January 2018 Casa started the construction phase for another version of its popular 38 model, the T-Top variant.  Designed by Pier Luigi Mimmocchi the Casa 38 T-Top will also feature vs the Hard Top version renewed hull side lines, thanks to the addition of new extended windows.  In this new Casa 38 version the Gaeta boat builder shows its custom versatility, with the particulars of this build requested by a client.  Casa responded immediately to the request by putting its technical studio and designer Mimmocchi at work for the building of this made to measure build.  In this Inbuild part one picture story we are seeing the 38 Casa T-Top being removed from the mold and a continuation of the first construction phase, which involves the outer shell and interior structure of the build.

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