October 26, 2014

Project: Jarrett Bay 90 Sportfisherman Hull #62

With specifications finalized, Jarrett Bay Boatworks announces the start of construction on their newest and largest custom sportfish. Upon a projected spring 2017 delivery, hull 62 will span 90 feet and represent the next evolution in offshore battle wagon performance and comfort, designed to tackle the remote fisheries of the world in ultimate style. Working with a customer armed with a knowledge of boats, high tech engineering, and a passion to competitively fish anywhere, the mandate was simple: to use state of the art materials, design, and electronics to create the ultimate sportfish boat. In putting together the team, Jarrett Bay has included firms from Michigan, Rhode Island, Florida, Washington and of course North Carolina. Looking to make use of the latest innovations in building techniques to maximize strength, speed and overall quality, the Jarrett Bay 90 will feature substantial use of titanium and carbon fiber composites, including a carbon fiber bridge, cabin, decks and stringer system. To ensure maximum performance and optimize the signature Jarrett Bay ride, extensive virtual tank testing, actual in-water tank testing, a detailed weight study both initial and during the build, as well as composite testing are notable aspects of this build’s design process. Thanks to substantial weight reduction and increased structural strength, the end product will boast reduced loads, making the boat easier to handle and fuel efficient, all while yielding increased range and greater shear strength. Accommodation side the Jarrett Bay 90 Sportfisherman will feature six cabins and five shower heads, with the owners room being in a full beam midships plan. Power for the new Jarrett Bay 90 feet flagship will come from tein 2600hp MTU engines.

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