October 1, 2014

blogger - The Union

It was a rumor coming from Cannes and published on an Italian online web portal Themeditelegraph, but the news is that some of the big European builders are making a separate Union. The names mentioned in this new organization are Azimut-Benetti Group, Baglietto, Beneteau Group, and Sunseeker.
The creators of this new association seem to be the two Italian companies, who are trying to gather support. It would be interesting if the landscape of countries changes to that of a continent who defend there high interest of a more production orientated nautical industry. With national agencies such as BYA, or UCINA for example, British and Italian association respectively the interest of the small companies is always a concern. 
Surely this Union if it happens can be extremely beneficial to the large companies who will be in it and gain leverage in the boat shows they attend and the attraction they bring.  But this will leave small and medium sized builders taking the hit, and leaving it with the national market and if that is in crisis, then it is hard times ahead.  
At this stage caution is paramount, but it is interesting to see if this happens and who will be its members if it does. What will be the reaction of the national builders association of the various countries involved.  

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