November 1, 2013

blogger - Just Building Boats

After years of excessive designs the word in the recent boat shows from many builders, during the routine interviews was that now we have our feet on the ground and the current market wants standard practical craft which are easy to resell, and have a lasting look to them.  This wording seemed to be a common dominatrix even from builders who are usually associated with very glamorous custom semi-custom craft, something nice to see at the shows, or the prime cruising areas in Europe or in North America.  
But while this interview may want to capture a sentiment existing in the buyers seeing the photos from the boat shows still shows a different picture.  Glamour boats with extreme design, and shiny some of them even strange colors did not seem to be in decline.  I add if you take a picture of for example the Cannes show from 2007 that is before the recession, and do it along side one from this year event it might be just the same numbers of boats not standard colored in white, blue, or beige.  
So why all this talk about building just boats, when the reality at the shows is the opposite? Its a fact since a few decades now, that glamour and exclusivity sell in all parts of life, most so in yachts costing close to or over a million.  Exclusivity can sometimes fall in the category hard to sell later on, but still has its effect on buyers, and why not.  It's nice to have that cruiser or yacht with a color only you have in the marina, more so if that yacht is a unique built in only a couple of units or just for you. In the end a more customized boat just becomes more personal and a mirror of ones character. 

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