October 29, 2013

Engines: Volvo V8 CE 430hp

The V8-430 is part of Volvo Penta’s new generation of state-of-the-art, V8 gasoline marine engines. And just like its predecessor, the V8-430 is a high-performance engine, loaded with new technology, that meets the EPA Tier 3 requirements by a broad margin. V8-430 combines high performance with low environmental impact. It’s a brilliant performer thanks to its excellent power-to-weight ratio. Its low noise and vibration levels enhance your on-board comfort. The effective catalyst keeps emissions and CO2 levels low and eliminates smell. V8-430 weighs around one hundred kilos less than any other engine in the corresponding classes on the market, resulting in very competitive weight effect ratios. At the same time, the new engines are heavy-duty, fuel and oil-efficient.  The engine has also been equipped with VVT - Variable Valve Timing technology, which optimizes torque at low RPMs while maximizing the effect outlet at high RPMs. This results in faster acceleration, increased top speed and smoother, better response in the mid-range.

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