September 27, 2013

Project: Princess S72

Princess announces a new range the S Class, and the first project to show case this will be a new S72 set to be launched in early 2014.  Princess say the S72 is the first model completely dedicated to the sport bridge concept, and I also think this new range will in the future take over from the V series from twenty meters upwards.  Still Princess already launched a Sport Bridge boat when they updated the V85 flagship to become the V85-S a couple years back.  The new S72 from Princess as the rendering shows will also see the Plymouth builder use the large view windows below compared to current models, in both midships owners room, and the VIP suite to fore.  So far Princess have given little details for the S72 apart the above rendering, so it will be interesting to see if this is a reskinned V72 or a completly new model.    

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