September 3, 2013

Project: Cranchi 53 Eco Trawler Long Distance

As those who follow us here, or the adventures of the very well known Cranchi know this model was actually presented as a 50 project back in the fall of last year 2012.  Come early this year and this model becomes a 51, and now just before the boat shows it is renamed as 53 Eco Trawler Long Distance.  In my book the 53 Eco Trawler is a big project from Cranchi and this for sure is nothing new for the North East located Italian builder, who always takes challenges with a very mature attitude. I was definitely impressed when for example they started there new Yacht building facility which lasted five years in the making until the first 64 model was launched.  The 53 Eco Trawler Long Distance is on the other hand a different challenge, for a growing side of the motor boat market; that of medium range and more of a living attitude use cruisers and yachts.  Yachts which to be fair are not slow, but not even fast but can make between five hundred and one thousand nautical miles, if you make some calculations in how you cruise and what the engines are drinking.  The 53 Eco Trawler Long Distance has some interesting details from its Volvo IPS pod power propulsion and hull design for them, to solar panels in the flybridge to power electrics, four choices options to the third cabin, and last but important an on-board comfort dedicated to long periods.      

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