September 11, 2013

Improve-it = Hinckley 36'11'' Picnic Boat Mk.III

Hinckley is to offer IPS option on its Picnic Boat MK.III.  The previously all-jet company now offers boaters a choice; shallower sportier jets or Volvo’s popular pod drive system . For twenty years Hinckley has installed jets, and now combined with the shoal draft capabilities of the jetboats, the unfoulable nature of their appendage-free bottom and the high reliability of a system comprising just six moving parts have proven a hugely successful formula for the company’s line of 29 to 55 feet lobster boats. Boaters over the years also gravitated to Hinckley’s proprietary JetStick, now in its second generation, which made the boats simple and easy to manoeuvre. Over 850 jet propulsion boats have been launched by Hinckley.  Now Hinckley has selected the IPS 450 system as the optional drive for the Picnic Boat Mk.III which is expected to deliver a 33 knot cruise and 37 knot top end. The IPS pods will add about a thirty centimeters of draft to the boat’s standard draft. The standard, jet propelled Picnic Boat will now be powered with Yanmar 70hp twins. Cruising speed with that power is expected to be 32 knots with a top end speed of 34. Also for 2014, two trim packages will be available on the Picnic Boat. A sportier version, akin to the company’s successful Hinckley T34 launched last year, is now available.

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