March 13, 2009

Projects: F&S Boatworks 54 XPW, F&S Boatworks 54 XWS

Delaware custom Sportfish Yacht builder F and S Boatworks presents two interesting 54 feet express boat projects titled 54 XPW and 54 XWS. Pictured above is the 54 XPW and the first thinking that comes to sportfish custom build followers is that this project seems to break the usual traditional rules thanks to an usual innovative modern looking upper deck design by Applied Concepts. It would be interesting to know if this wheelhouse is closed or not and what sort of propulsion and engines will the 54 XPW offer. The 54 XWS is the second project and is based on the same lines as the 54 XPW, but carrying a stylish raised upper helm tower for big game fishers. Now many towers don't look stylish but here seems that the Delaware custom builder, and again Applied Concepts are on a roll, and if for real this will look good as the picture above it really can put some steam to some creativity in the express sportfish market. Good news is that one of these 54 Express has been sold with scheduled delivery for later on this year. She will be hull no.15 and will be the third to be named True Grit, which seems to be a hard following owner to F&S and Jim Floyd custom cold molded builds.

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