February 26, 2009

Project: Baia B50

Renowned performance yacht builder Baia resurfaces one of its myths, and a boat which propelled the Naples, Italian builder in the legends who's who list in the eighties, the B50. Updating a classic is never easy and the Baia B50 first presented in 1983 with a Don Aronow designed hull became a myth, being the Italian reply to another US builder legend. The original B50 also won the Venice Monte Carlo race in 1990 with an average speed of 58.5 knots and a peak of 75 knots. With the new B50 Baia keeps a big eye on the old design, remodelling it in certain features to the current age. In all this it increases the beam from 4.20 to 4.60 metres and instead of a side fitted alloy radar arch, this time it has a central aileron mast. Interior is also more luxurious now too, proposing a comfortable 2 double cabin 2 head layout, separate crew berth, 6 person dinette and galley opposite. For the outside deck the concept is for an open plan as seen on the 43 One. A hard top option has not so far been mentioned, but I would not be surprised to see this. Power wise the new B50 will offer various engine options from 1600 to 2700hp all propelled with Arneson Surface Drives, giving estimated top speeds from 46 to 54 knots plus. The hull shape is based on the original deep vee with a round stem aft in order to generate easy lift at the stern. Construction will be light and strong with infusion built method, using glass fiber in epoxy matrix.

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