April 24, 2008

Project: Itama 50 Fifty

A much awaited project the Itama Fifty, what has been an important dimension in the past of this status symbol boat builder. This new Itama Fifty today represents the natural replacement of the old 45 and 46 models, classic jewels of the range produced in the 80s and 90s respectively. The new owners of this legendary brand name, Ferretti Group and Pershing really put all the best to tribute the classic models, with designer Marco Casali presenting a craft with a similar but modernized layout to the legendary models. Proof to this are the interior plans which show what is a classic Itama layout with two cabins forward and a third spacious double VIP cabin aft, may be so normal today in open yachts from Italy but so unusual when first appearing on the 45 in the eighties. The new Fifty apart keeping the tradition inside will have the usual attributes as perfect mid positioned engines, low shaft angle for the best performance, deep vee hull all the way and the clean uncluttered timeless classic lines associated with this brand. Estimated performance figures give a 36 knots top speed with two 800hp MAN engines. So now it is just about seeing one for real hopefully in the coming Autumn shows.

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