May 1, 2017

blogger - Positive Times

The last year has been a good positive patch for the nautical industry, and we are seeing important growth numbers by the major boat builders again reported for the first quarter of 2017.  Europe is finally going out of the recession, but in reality this is not the main reason why we are on the positive sign.  The nautical industry has its own macro economics which are different to that of the general economy.  A positive economy helps but it is not just about that.
A foremost reason about the positive period for new boat builders is that finally the over stock of used boats, especially those owned by banks has declined a lot in recent times. In 2016 finding a good boat owned by a bank was difficult.  A boat needing little money spent to go running sell in a month or two with brokers having clients ready for these boats nowadays.  
Other reasons why we are having this positive patch is also because of the stability of oil prices in recent times, and that used good boats are selling at a good pace. We also have the problem where not a lot of news boats where build in the period 2010 to 2015 especially in the size of ten to thirty meters.  Most boats in these sizes where build to order.
The fall of the year and major boat shows will be an indication of what the main players are feeling from the market, and how bullish are they on the current positive trends of the last one year plus.  The telling signs will new models and projects presented.

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