August 7, 2016

Project: Cantiere Delle Marche 105 Accaio

Cantiere delle Marche has had a very busy Summer season, with new orders continuing to fill the books of the successful Italian builder who is currently dominating the explorer super yacht market in between 24 to 35 meters sizes.  In July alone Cantiere delle Marche received two new orders and following another 102 Darwin, the Italian builder got commisioned for a fully custom 32 meter full displacement order which is to be called 105 Accaio.  Little details have been given so far to the full custom 105 Accaio.  We know due to the design above that it will be a three deck super yacht, and that it is a design of Hydro Tec, the same studio responsible for all the Darwin class line.  In the 105 Accaio the owner wanted a more modern exterior look then the Darwin range, along with a large tender garage aft, which will be an interesting challenge for Cantiere delle Marche due to the seamanship first nature of its builds.  

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