February 1, 2015

blogger - Those Oil Prices

It is an interesting time for fuel prices, no one could have made a forecast that in a cold Winter as this we would have these going at under fifty US dollars a barrel.  Oil prices have been stable at around one hundred US dollar for a few years, and the forecast for these was that eventually a small upward trend was in-line for the short term future. 
Alternative resources has grown in the last years, eating about a point from oil every two years, but the dominion of black gold for the energy needs of humans still continues. We should be around 80% of oil dependence from about 85% about a decade ago. Never the less research for alternative energy and creative fuel production is moving full speed ahead. Energy creation will soon have its own decade similar to that of telecommunications in the first ten years of the second millennium. Solar, wind, fuel creation from different solutions are some of the alternatives grabbing the attention of mindful investors in recent times. 
Why I am saying all this in a motor boating blog? Cause low fuel prices have always been a good catalyst for the motor boating sector and a nice boost for both used and new boat sales.  The fact that your one hundred nautical miles trip will cost less is always a good incentive to return or to start boating.  At this stage caution is advised but I am sure the North American market will benefit the most of the recent oil dip, since in that part of the World pump prices have a better reflection of the market indexes.  Something which does not happen much in the old European continent.    

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