August 10, 2014

Web: Azimut Grande New Web Site

Azimut Grande which translates to large Azimut is a concept the World famous Italian brand launched in 2010, focusing on the over one hundred feet Super Yachts. Worth to note that while today competition is highly competitive over the one hundred feet size, Azimut has been in this segment since 1982 when it launched the 105 Failaka at the time the biggest fiberglass construction. Azimut-Benetti has been the top dog builder of Super Yachts over eighty feet for many consecutive years and up until this year on the Showboats International yearly order books list. The new Azimut Grande website shows the customizing of the yachts, and while the exterior does not change much, the owner can dictate and change most of the interior thanks to a Personal Design Equipe dedicated for each construction. Azimut Grande has currently five models from the Flybridge and SL ranges. Smallest model is the just launched 95 RPH, and the current bigger model is the 120SL.  The new Azimut Grande website is available in English and Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons: Your Personality, Out Attitude, A Unique Experience, and Grande Collection.  The new Azimut Grande website also connects the user to the Group's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube social media pages.

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