February 19, 2011

Web: Cutwater New Web Site

Newly founded company Cutwater presents its new global virtual showroom i.e. web site. Founded in the end of 2010 Cutwater is a new brand from Fluid Motion LLC, owners of the 1958 originated Ranger Tugs. This new brand located in Monroe, WA, USA has presented two projects at the end of 2010, with both being launched officially at the start of 2011. Both the two new models, 26 and 28 offer a similar concept to each other and also take some ideas from the sister Ranger Tugs brand, as trail ability, and the inboard with shafts power of its models. But Cutwater brings also some new ideas not only to the company itself but to the global nautical World as the patented underwater shapes of its models. The Cutwater underwater features the following advances which summed all together make a revolution; Keel Steeped Hull bottom with tapered intake tunnels, keep pad, substantial skeg keel, rounded shoulder, and raked stem. Cutwater new website takes you around with the following buttons; Home, About Cutwater, Our Boats, Cutwater Features, Hull Design, Dealers, Dealers, Contact, Boat Shows, and News/Links/Articles.

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