September 7, 2020

Project: X-Power 33C

Some things you think of never seeing in a life time, and this is one of them, X-Yachts making a motor boat.  The tell signals showed when the Danish yacht builder acquired HOC Yachts in 2019, and indeed the X-Yachts 33C is moulded from the HOC Cruiser 33.  Onward with some bits from the official press release. With more than forty years of experience in high performance sailing boats, X-Yachts is now introducing a new initiative, based on some of the experience they have, a ten meter open powerboat sport cruiser for quality-conscious boaters, with exactly the same overall strategy. Fast and safe on the water, superior pleasure with ownership, innovative development and design. The powerboat is planned for launch in January 2021, and the important milestones are reached by close supervision of designers, boat builders, engineers and technicians.  X-Yachts celebrated their forty years anniversary in 2019, and one of the anniversary presents was the chance offered, also to start-up powerboat production.  X-Yachts is confident that the new powerboat range will seem like a gift for the discerning sailor. The first model the 33C is produced with an inboard engine, a patented Petestep® designed hull making the driving experience smooth and elegant. X-Yachts is promising that the operation will be an intuitive experience, eliminating the need for a user manual, enabling everyone to run the boat feeling fully secure. The driving panel will be a light experience with integrated navigation and operation system.  The first X-Power model will be launched in January 2021, the second being a closed model is planned for launch in September 2021, and finally for now, the yard has planned yet another X-Power launch in January 2023.  The X-Power 33C will be powered by a single Yanmar engine from 320hp, and two other more powerful choices of 350hp and 370hp.  Propulsion will be line shaft, and so far the let down especially for a company which does blue water cruising sailing yachts is the CE C design category, meaning coastal waters, rivers and lakes.

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