May 1, 2019

blogger - Big a Tender

In recent years forty foot tenders for super yacht are starting to be considered the norm, now we have arrived to a size that some of these tender are actually also above eighty feet in size.  Sounding ridiculous to a certain extent.
Can a 24 meter plus or more super sport yacht be considered a tender?  May be we should ask Perini Navi that question as they did recently launch a 25 meter Eco Tender super sport yacht for a client who have one of its big super sailing yachts.
This big tender has created a new market in itself in the last four to five years, and some unusual builders even those that do not usually cater for this market are starting to dedicate themselves for it.  An unusual motor boat build is the recently launched Claasen 23 meter Chase boat
Coming from a couple decades back when eighty feet or more used to be considered very big, and now we have actually builders building chase boats or tenders to order it does sound a bit all strange.  Nonetheless this still another interesting part of the market if you really want to call them tenders.  Here we don't.

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