October 1, 2013

blogger - The Best

When people are building boats, which costs many thousands and or millions of $$$ it is very normal that everyone claims his product is to be among the best.  But at the moment there is one such builder that is claiming this and its very interesting the perspective they give.
In the fifty years birthday video which Viking from New Jersey USA is celebrating the coming 2014 year, the company claims to be the best semi-production boat builder around.  This is some big talk but if you go marina hoping in the US you will see that there is more facts to this then meet the eye, and many captains, crew, and yacht service repair man want stay much away to back this claim.  
It is true that Viking has shown a proficiency and product development and improvement since the nineties that many in the industry can learn a few things from.  Viking has gone from good, better, and best, raising the bar for itself and those who follow.  But in many ways you view the Viking performance one can see it is complete in many regards from the research and design which goes in the production of a new model, to its service departments located in the US where most of its market is. 
From a certain point of view it can be luck also that Viking builds for the most part sport fishing yachts, where engineering details are as much important as the furnishing and fittings.  But it can also be luck for the competition! Viking is developing a new yacht series with a 75 scheduled for launch for 2014.  Will be interesting to see how this will review, not only when new but after a couple of years.  
Viking has raised the bar, and its interesting also in the corporate fifty years video, how not only the Healy family still nurture there firm, but how the management staff has been long standing with the company not for a couple of years, but most of them for decades, and some of them since the founding.  
This shows that being the best after all is just about people!  

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