September 22, 2013

Web: Rhea Marine New Web Site

Rhea marine from France presents its new World wide web virtual showroom.  Founded and still managed by one man; Bertrand Danglade started building boats under the Rhea badge back in 1996, when it launched back then the 900 model.  But the Bertrand story starts in Scotland at Clyde, it is in this place that he refines his knowledge on propulsion, shapes and wood construction which makes him open his shipyard Ile de Rel in 1970.  Bertrand's yard is a diversified affair from selling, outfitting, restoring, and maintaining all kinds of boats with the most prominent being the Marennes French trawler, a standard view in the French Atlantic harbours.  After the turn around to building boats with Rhea in 1996 and the 900 model; huge advances are made by Bertrand; but an important model will the 750 Timonier model, best seller and sold in over three hundred units in ten years since 1997.  In 2002 Rhea makes another important move and that to building a new shipyard in La Rochelle near the airport.  Today Rhea offers three important Range of boats; Timonier, Open, and Trawler which build a total of fifteen models.  The entry level Rhea is the 23 Open, while the flagship is the still in project 57 Trawler.  Rhea's new website is available in French, and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; The Range, Agents, Electric Propulsion, News, Rhea Marine, and Contact.  As is common with most boat builders nowadays Rhea also features its Social hubs as Facebook and Twitter, with links located towards the end of the first entry page.

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